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Colour Cube Soap, Art Soapworks
Small - 70 gr Medium - 135 gr About the fragrances of the soaps: Cool Blue - refreshing pep..
Ex Tax: 2.07€
Eco Cube Soap, Art Soapworks
70 g About the fragrance of the soap: Orange Forest - awakens; Grapefruit Lake - refreshing..
Ex Tax: 2.89€
ELIER Slugde soap, Eliēr
100g Results: Regular use of ELIER Sludge soap, skin efectively cleanses from dirt, nourishe..
Ex Tax: 4.46€
Natural Hand Soap, Pien- Dairy Spa
250 ml Hypoallergenic, moisturizing natural hand soap carefully cleans and relaxes the skin, make..
Ex Tax: 9.19€
Natural Intimate Soap, Pien- Dairy Spa
250 ml Natural soap for delicate daily care of intimate body areas. The hypoallergenic, natura..
Ex Tax: 10.32€
Nourishing Soap, Madara
250ml A nurturing body soap with moisturising Northern Plum and Wheat protein. Cleanses skin gent..
Ex Tax: 8.22€
Refreshing Soap, Madara
250ml A fresh, natural aromatherapy body soap with Northern Peppermint essential oil and Algae ex..
Ex Tax: 8.22€
Vitalising Soap, Madara
250ml A fresh, natural body soap with invigorating essential oils and Northern Quince. Purifies t..
Ex Tax: 8.22€
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