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Almond Lace Cookies, Taste CAPS!
83g The wonderful feeling when we are surrounded by loved ones... A myriad of moments entangled l..
Ex Tax: 4.96€
Almonds in Dark Chocolate, Skrīveru Saldumi
120 gr Ingredients: dark chocolate 66% (cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, soya lecithin, vanilla e..
Ex Tax: 2.92€
Bee Good Honey, Bee Good
300 ml Organic honey.  It is very healthy and also an excellent natural sweetener ..
Ex Tax: 17.36€
Bee Sweet Honey Candies, Kalna Smides
75 g Bee Sweet candies of honey products in dark chocolate. Hand made. Ingredients: honey with c..
Ex Tax: 8.93€
Beer Candy, ZS Indrāni
150g Handmade beer marmalade candy. Ingredients: beer, sugar, pectin, citric acid. Produced..
Ex Tax: 2.81€
Biological Heather Honey, Linda Griin
360 g Heather honey differs from other types of honey with containing a lot of magnesium, mangane..
Ex Tax: 6.12€
Biological Honey Selection, Linda Griin
195 gr (3 x 65gr) Composition: mixed blossom honey (65gr), linden honey (65gr), spring blossom ho..
Ex Tax: 7.60€
Biological Linden Honey, Linda Griin
360 g Linden honey has the same characteristics and abilities as the commonly used linden tea – a..
Ex Tax: 4.79€
Biological Mixed Blossom Honey, Linda Griin
360 g Mixed blossom honey is collected from the nectar of different flowers. Mixed blossom honey ..
Ex Tax: 4.79€
Biological Spring Honey, Linda Griin
360 g Produced in Latvia by Linda Griin ..
Ex Tax: 4.79€
Blueberries in White Chocolate, Skrīveru Saldumi
120 gr Ingredients: white chocolate 75% (sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, soya lecithin, vanilla..
Ex Tax: 2.92€
Candy "Klasiskā Skrīveru Gotiņa. Dziedāju... Dancoju... ", Skrīveru Saldumi
250g The traditional Latvian candy "Gotiņa" is handmade of high quality whole milk and sugar, the..
Ex Tax: 1.65€
Chicory Coffee with Barley, Kafeja Alīda
200 gr Traditional chicory coffee with barley, without caffeine. Ingredients: Roasted chicory,..
Ex Tax: 3.80€
Chicory Coffee with Rye, Kafeja Paulīne
200 gr Traditional chicory coffee with rye, without caffeine. Ingredients: Roasted chicory, ry..
Ex Tax: 3.80€
Chocolate Truffle Collection "Rīga" (16 pcs), Taste CAPS!
186g Caps! is a story about the most delightful moments of your life. Take a bite of CAPS! truffl..
Ex Tax: 12.89€
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