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Natural Energy Drink, DON'T SLEEP
6 x 50ml The scientists of the Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology have developed an or..
Ex Tax: 5.43€
Peppermint Candy, ZS Indrāni
150g Peppermint marmalade candy. Ingredients: sugar, water, peppermint, pectin, pectin, s..
Ex Tax: 2.82€
Pumpkin Sweets, ZS Indrāni
150g Pumpkin marmalade candy. Ingredients: pumpkin syrup (77%), sugar, pectin, citric aci..
Ex Tax: 2.82€
Red Rowan Jam, Zelta Zaptes
250 ml Ingredients: red rowans, sugar Attention: you will recive a jam jar without linen bags ..
Ex Tax: 5.95€
Rye Bread Candy, ZS Indrāni
150g Handmade rye bread marmalade candy. Ingredients: Sugar, water, rye flour, pectin, so..
Ex Tax: 2.81€
140 g These handmade sunflower and linseed triangles capture sunflower seeds, linseeds,..
Ex Tax: 1.90€
Sunny Cookies, Caps!
83 g It's a wonderful feeling when we're together with loved ones... together in a forest meadow ..
Ex Tax: 4.79€
Sweet "Fire Flower", ZS Indrāni
150g Rosebay marmalade candy. Ingredients: Rosebay, Willowherb syrup, sugar, pectin, citr..
Ex Tax: 2.81€
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