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Perfect Strand Wooden Hairbrush, WildGood

Perfect Strand Wooden Hairbrush, WildGood
Perfect Strand Wooden Hairbrush, WildGood Perfect Strand Wooden Hairbrush, WildGood
Product Code: SFWG002
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Price: 60.00€
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Handmade ash tree and boar bristle hairbrush

All WildGood hairbrushes are made from 100% boar bristle and all natural wood. Suitable for all hair types. You will receive your hairbrush in a linen purse, there will be a seasonal fragranced pendant and short instructions attached. The texture of the wood can vary slightly as the hairbrush materials are all handpicked and natural.

Boar bristle is an excellent hairbrush material that has been used for centuries. It has qualities that make hair healthier just by brushing it. Watch your hair become naturally healthy and shiny as the boar bristle distributes substances from your scalp over your hair. Your hair stays protected and pampered every day.

  • You will not damage your hair while brushing- the brush will not tear your hair, it will not split and fracture anymore.

  • The natural bristle gently massages your scalp, increasing the blood flow, encouraging hair growth and creating thicker and longer hair as well.

  • It will be easier to do your everyday hairstyle - your hair will obtain good elasticity and will be less frizzy.

  • You will shampoo your hair less as the boar bristle picks up dirt and dust.

  • Your hair will not electrify- boar bristle and wood do not generate static electricity.

​Design by Martins Hermansons

All WildGood hairbrushes have a lifetime warranty. If you have any questions or, after some years, want to refresh your hairbrush, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a way how to manage it!

Produced in Latvia by WildGood

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