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Skrīveru Saldumi

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Almonds in Dark Chocolate, Skrīveru Saldumi
120 gr Ingredients: dark chocolate 66% (cacao mass, sugar, cacao butter, soya lecithin, vanilla e..
Ex Tax: 2.92€
Blueberries in White Chocolate, Skrīveru Saldumi
120 gr Ingredients: white chocolate 75% (sugar, cacao butter, milk powder, soya lecithin, vanilla..
Ex Tax: 2.92€
Candy "Klasiskā Skrīveru Gotiņa. Dziedāju... Dancoju... ", Skrīveru Saldumi
250g The traditional Latvian candy "Gotiņa" is handmade of high quality whole milk and sugar, the..
Ex Tax: 1.65€
Corn Flake Delicacy "Labais Gardums", Skrīveru Saldumi
140 g These handmade sweets are not just sweets, they inluced berries and nuts which are goo..
Ex Tax: 1.98€
Cranberries in White Chocolate, Skrīveru Saldumi
120 gr Cranberries with white chocolate will be real enjoyment. Ingredients: white chocolate 6..
Ex Tax: 2.92€
Latvian Berry Truffles in White Chocolate "RIGA", Skrīveru Saldumi
70g Handmade berry truffles in white chocolate Enjoy the taste filled with the sunlight of fiv..
Ex Tax: 3.22€
Nut and Berry Delicacy "Saldais Mākonītis", Skrīveru Saldumi
140 g Good choice for a coffee break at work, gives energy. Ingredients: cranberries, pecan nu..
Ex Tax: 3.31€
Raisins in Milk Chocolate, Skrīveru Saldumi
120 gr These delicious raisins in milk chocolate are loved by kids, teens and seniors. In..
Ex Tax: 2.92€
Strawberries in White Chocolate "Berry Princess", Skrīveru Saldumi
105g Strawberries in white chocolate Ingredients: white chocolate 90% (sugar, cocoa butte..
Ex Tax: 3.97€
140 g These handmade sunflower and linseed triangles capture sunflower seeds, linseeds,..
Ex Tax: 1.90€
Wheat Flake Delicacy "Labais Gardums", Skrīveru Saldumi
140 g This handmade wheat flake triangle captures wheat, cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumkin and..
Ex Tax: 1.98€
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